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Indoor schedule 1

Besides the game rules remember:

we are guests of the Nardin Fieldouse. That does not entitle you to stand around dropping F bombs as loud as you can in the fieldhouse or in the atrium.

If you cannot conduct yourselves like gentlemen and ladies you’ll be asked to leave and not allowed to return at your expense.. Leave your bad habits at your outdoor league.

 No alcohol is allowed at the fieldhouse.

Directions to the Nardin Fieldhouse - 
The field house is located at 2232 Delaware BEHIND Kohl's department store.

If you GPS the building it sends you to the backway on Elmwood - you'll get lost.

If you go to Nardin Campus - you're in the wrong place.

If you go to Nichols school - you're 3 blocks off.

If you listen to your cousin who says it's on the corner of Delaware and Hertel "near K-mart" you'll miss your game.

The only way to get there the right way is to go to 2232 Delaware behind Kohl's

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