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3 point line

teams can go for 1 – 2 - 3 points after td

onside kick

can only do last 1 minute of the game

clock stops

team has 1 play from own 3 point line – if they score they can go for extra points. If they miss – the other team gets ball at the other teams 3 point line.

Clock starts when other team snaps the ball.

special note
women get 1/2 point for extra point
so the 11.5 point scoring play is possible


Group 1

The Immortals / Ice Ice baby – 10:00

Hooties and the brofish / Honey Badgers 11:00

Championship - 12:00

Group 2

Flying Pierogies / Uncle Ricos– 10:00

HK6 -se / Milestars  - 11:00

Championships - 12:00

Commisioner’s cup

Arthus vs Falconies – 1:00

Playoffs Odds

Group 1

IcE IcE Baby –


Honey badgers


Hootie and the brofish


 The immortals


Group 2



Uncle Ricos Time machine


Flying Pierogies




This weeks Hot/Not

$1 hotdogs

cooked to perfection. Well worth it.


Finally found a qb- too little too late.

Joe K

Will act as playoff Stewart and constable. Watch yourselves.

The brofish / Immortals game

2 point game. Wild back and forth. What summer football is all about.


Why do they lose? While everyone is chunking down hot dogs and chips these guys are snacking on fresh fruit – can’t win like that. Not in this league.

Milestars hands

Nicole broke hers and still made the catch. The fest of the team suuuuucks. 3 dropped easy touchdowns. Why show up next week.

The soft quarterback

A group 1 guy wants:

a 30 second huddle countdown

10 second snap countdown

5 second snap countdown

on every play

what damn league do you play in?

Ramza -d

our boy (the quarterback for X-force) was repeatedly sacked by the girl rusher for Uncle Ricos. On one play he whined (and got) a roughing call on the girl.




M/ile sports Code of conduct

We adhere to a strict No argument Rule:

You have your say after the play – You stop before the next play.

There is zero cussing at the ref –

There is no cussing about the ref even it is explaining about the ref to other players within earshot of the ref.

There is NO approaching the ref after the game to continue the argument.

There is ZERO swearing to other players.

If you feel the ref/ump does NOT know or follow the rules you are encouraged to seek out myself our Phyllis. We will speak to the Ump/ref.