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The write -up is compiled and published by the western New York touch football writers association


Saturday january 13th point spread

Gucci vs. Moonstars +10
Purple Reign vs. Team Ramrod +8
Conquistadors vs. Screaming Eagles +12
Skeezers vs. Bye week +6

whose Hot whose Not




The Gucci /Moonshots game

Amazing game to watch. Back and forth – Gucci needed a last drive td to tie and added a 2 point extra to win it. Moonshoots lost but but up onr hell of a fight against the best pitch catch duo in the league (Sal and Frank).

Buffalo Royals

One of two new teams for the 3rd session and the only rookie one. Came to watch and are confident of wining it all.



Just win baby. Still undefeated and handled Bye week with ease. Joey Baggs vs Sal for MVP.



Had to win and did staying in the playoff race by beating the Eagles. Next up the skeezers.


Screaming Eagles

Put up a nasty fight against the conquestadors and came up short when their QB threw up another late pick 6.


Bye week -

This was another down week for QB james losing big time to Skeezers. They need to run the table and other teams to lose to make the playoffs.


Team Ramrod -

Worst game ever for an indoor team? No Darmel so the duo of back-up QB’s threw 10 Picks 10! It was so bad their Captain quit in the middle of the first half to go watch blame on curling. Theo did not catch a pass in the 1st half.


E Kleck -

got there 10 minutes late for the game because bro said he was laying around all day “yanking it”. Dropped a wide open Td pass and went home early from the bar so he could “yank it” some more. Get it together.






The write -up is compiled and published by the western New York touch football writers association



Gucci vs. Moonshots (+10)

Last week Moonshots took a bitch beat down by Bye week, Gucci disemboweled Team Ramrod. It looks like Gucci have finally thrown the oppressive shackles of the blame on league and let their true artistry shine through. QB Frank has an awesome weapon in Sal (the wanderer) and another in league favorite Kelly Kane (sister of legendary QB Ryan Kane). Our girl caught the winning TD on the last play and sent Sean Becker and Theo of Ramrod shaking their heads in disbelief. Moonshots are a very tight athletic team – E.Moon does enough at QB but the moonshots is one of those teams to refuse to play defense. Totally clueless. Send one guy or girl deep and they’ll be wide open.

Gucci by 10

Purple Reign vs Team Ramrod (+8)

Purple Reign had a nice game and got by a QB-less conquistadors. Ramrod was a victim of Gucci. Purple Reign has a nice solid team. Good starting receivers; Ekleck, Tiger, and the other person. The girls are also top notch. Ramrod has on paper the Best QB in the league in Darmel Whitfield – good arm but he could not beat Gucci last week. As the M/ile theory goes if you shut down Theo you shut down. We do not subscribe to that reach – Theo is a bit player at best. Nobody has heard much from Sean Becker lately. Has he even been on the field? A few weeks ago this was a must see game. This week your better off hitting KO early to watch the Patriots.

Purple Reign by 12

Skeezers vs. Bye week (+6)

Skeezers beat up on the eagles. Bye week woke up and bitch slapped moon shots. Admittedly Skeezers is very solid very savvy. They know their roles and execute almost flawlessly. Bye week is up and down but mostly up. James returned last week summoned his inner Andy Dalton and threw mostly to his receivers this week. Highlight of last week is when a wide up Tricia short-armed a pass in the end zone. No joy. We would be amiss if we didn’t mention Joey bags will be attempting to catch his 50th Td in his indoor m/ile career.  Bye week won’t stop him.

Skeezers by 10

The Conquistadors  vs. Screaming Eagles (+12)

Both teams lost last week. Conquistadors did not have their starting qb and all hope of winning with Ali at qb ended after the 3rd drop. The eagles are still trying out QB’s in week 4 and haven’t found the right “system” yet. Last week’s gem threw a pick 8 on the first play. The conquistadors keep with their policy of nailing Thomas’s’ ass to the bench on defense which is smart. Collins is ready to play but is too bushed after afternoon volleyball.

Conquistadors by 10

5 quick Hits…

  1. Best bar food in awhile? The steak tacos at K.O. last week.
  2. The spring league at the brand New all turf Buffalo Downtown sports complex is shaping up nicely. It starts May 5th. Only $275 for turf. It’s limited this year to 24 teams.
  3. Speaking of bar food make sure to stop at the Deep South taco after your game s when it gets warm. New brewery/restaurant on transit.
  4. Moh had the 1st meeting with Labatt and try-it beer distributing this week. Big things coming.
  5. Bar discussion at K.O.: Should a girl running a ball and not gaining yardage count as a gender play? Theo said no, Two members of purple Reign said women should stay in the kitchen and make pierogis, and Trish from bye week/Team Ramrod said that Game on hasn’t told her how to think on the issue so she can’t have an opinion.

qb rankings



The inside

Donte Whitfield – Team ramrod


Steller – has a flame thrower. Played arena Indoor somewhere. Wins even with Trisha on the team.

Frank Laudico - Gucci


Misunderstood as most true artists are. Takes a holistic approach to the game. The only left handed QB in the league.

Dave Kleckler – Purple Reign


Would do a lot better if his brother wouldn’t squawk for the ball so much – dude is never open.

Jordan Vaccaro - skeezers


Some say he benefits from having Joey Baggs on the team who also calls the plays in the huddle.

James celetto– Bye week


When he’s on he’s in the top 3. When he’s off he sucks eggs.

Abe Shaffie - Conquistadors


The long count deffinitly helped his game. His team leads the league in dropped touchdown passes.

Eric Moon - Moonstars


Too eractic and gets down on himself. No swagger.

N/a – Screaming eagles


They don’t have a quarterback. Last guy threw a girl pick TD on the 1st. play


Attempts /completions

Interception ratio

Tds vs Interceptions

Number of times sacked

6th down completions

# of times the QB said they would never play in the league again

# of times player crossed the line to throw

Rule changes for session 2:

girl touchdowns are 8 points
the line count is 6 not 5

Besides the game rules remember:

we are guests of the Nardin Fieldouse. That does not entitle you to stand around dropping F bombs as loud as you can in the fieldhouse or in the atrium.

If you cannot conduct yourselves like gentlemen and ladies you’ll be asked to leave and not allowed to return at your expense.. Leave your bad habits at your outdoor league.

 No alcohol is allowed at the fieldhouse.

Directions to the Nardin Fieldhouse - 
The field house is located at 2232 Delaware BEHIND Kohl's department store.

If you GPS the building it sends you to the backway on Elmwood - you'll get lost.

If you go to Nardin Campus - you're in the wrong place.

If you go to Nichols school - you're 3 blocks off.

If you listen to your cousin who says it's on the corner of Delaware and Hertel "near K-mart" you'll miss your game.

The only way to get there the right way is to go to 2232 Delaware behind Kohl's

[no picture availible]

M/ile sports Code of conduct

We adhere to a strict No argument Rule:

You have your say after the play – You stop before the next play.

There is zero cussing at the ref –

There is no cussing about the ref even it is explaining about the ref to other players within earshot of the ref.

There is NO approaching the ref after the game to continue the argument.

There is ZERO swearing to other players.

If you feel the ref/ump does NOT know or follow the rules you are encouraged to seek out myself our Phyllis. We will speak to the Ump/ref.