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3 point line

teams can go for 1 – 2 - 3 points after td

onside kick

can only do last 1 minute of the game

clock stops

team has 1 play from own 3 point line – if they score they can go for extra points. If they miss – the other team gets ball at the othe teams 3 point line.

Clock starts when oter team snaps the ball.

special note
women get 1/2 point for extra point
so the 11.5 point scoring play is possible

The write-up is compiled by the Western New York Co-ed touch football writes association.

Come out and watch some summer ball. Hard core training camp ball.


Honey Badgers / Hootie and the brofish. +10

Game of the week. Both teams have a lot to prove. Brofish polaxxed Athurs last week – it wasn’t close. Bobby lost to Ice Ice baby. What does that mean? Practices, chalk time, and probably a ringer or two. Ekleck will be back for Brofish but they were pretty sweet without him. With the wild west nature of summer ball its tough to talk up match-ups but both teams will try to cheat the count so Moh promises a record number of flags.

Honey Badgers by 4


The Immortals / Conquistadors +10

Both teams lost last week. The Immortals got demolished by the Honey badgers and the Conquistadors got humbled by Ice Ice baby. As we now know the Immortals are Qbeed by mega-star Joey Baggs. They have no business losing. Last week the Conquistadors lost badly, having wide open Td’s dopped by both Xavier and Smiegle didn’t help, They were also without Team Captain Manny – that hurt. Things are so bad for the conquistadors that there are whispers that Manny may be calling Thomas Fields and suiting our boy up. The Immortals girls are a hell of a lot better than the conquistadors. JB better use them.

The Immortals by 12

Uncle Ricos Time Machine / Falconies +8

Both won last week. Both teams are fast, tight, and fun to watch. URTM gabbed the Kellers from another team and marching up and down the field with impunity. QB Joe from the falconies is a baller. The falconies fans love the effort – Love the boom. This game should be worth the walk over to watch but URTM has the experience.

URTM by 8


Ice Ice baby / Arthurs +18

Ice Ice baby won both last week. Arthur’s lost badly. Dave Bake signed Matty Ice at Qb and after the win said loudly Alex who? Our boy Matty outdueld Bobby – That’s a huge deal. Arthus were again trying out girls some look lost. Arthurs were continually beat by the long ball – Matty loves the long ball. This game could be over at halftime if not earlier.

Ice Ice baby by 15

Arthurs / Conquistadors +4

Ugly. Both teams lost badly. Athur’s looked befuddled on defense last week -brofish scored on every drive. Ice Ice baby made the conquista-donts look down right foolish. Not only did the conquista-fish play a too soft defense they also had 3 sure td drops. Arthurs smoked these guys twice last summer and should be able to do it again.

Arthur’s by 2

X-force / Milestars +1

Here we go yo. The Milestars won 2 last week. X-Force lost again. The milestars do indeed have stars. Ponzo and Mo Saleh stand out. Supervet John Collins runs the show. X-force is struggling. Rama D is diaper doo-doo. After they scored a whooping 7 points last week (14 in 2 weeks) Rama D texted Moh was a slew of suggested rule changes to “make the league better”. How about this rule – get the rock in the house more than twice a year then talk about voting to make it better. Firemen Ted will get his 1st start at QB for the milestars so X-force has a chance.

X-force by 1


Uncle Ricos Time Machine / X-force +10

Sorry this will be the dog of the day and there will be plenty of fleas.

Pros – URTM’s captain JonSenn will NOT be there so we all won’t have to pound his chest like he did something good after every play. If x-force loses they’ll probably be 0-4 and their season will be over before August.

Cons – There are only 2 fields so it will be had not to watch this game.

URTM by whatever

5 quick Hits

1. The Kleckler gang is already in Mohs doghouse for blowing off games and trying to screw with the schedule. Don’t bring your Hose-garden bad habits over to this league.

2. Color us delighted that the people from the falconies wee going home “with Money”. Evidently they are being torched by the prices in the other league.

3. After Jack’s ( and Arthur’s ) horrible performance last week the male MVP candidates are now focused solely on Ponzo, matty Ice, Dave bro.

4. The refs are from all 3 leagues, they are good but will get better

5. The summer shot -out is scheduled for august 25th. Big plans are a foot.

The weekly Hot/Not is compiled by the Western New York Touch football writes association

group 1

group 2

M/ile sports Code of conduct

We adhere to a strict No argument Rule:

You have your say after the play – You stop before the next play.

There is zero cussing at the ref –

There is no cussing about the ref even it is explaining about the ref to other players within earshot of the ref.

There is NO approaching the ref after the game to continue the argument.

There is ZERO swearing to other players.

If you feel the ref/ump does NOT know or follow the rules you are encouraged to seek out myself our Phyllis. We will speak to the Ump/ref.