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Group 1

Purple Reign vs. Tight ends in Motion +10

Last week TEIM slipped by Joey Baggs and the Immortals, Purple Reign had the night off. Too much drama this week. What should be a clash between two Group1 behemoths won’t be People from TEIM will be without Dave Baker and another player. TEIM asked for the game to be moved to a more neutral midnight – Purple Reign captain Ben Stack told them to go screw themselves. It will be extremely embarrassing if purple Reign were to lose but you never know.

Purple Reign by 10+

The Immortals +10 vs The Conquistadors +3

The Conquistadors couldn’t hang on and win and Lost to the Icicles. The Immortals got stomped by Purple reign. It looks like the Conquistadors are going to stick with strong armed cannon Rickey Austin at QB. Our boy can fire it but his receivers got to start catching. The Conquistadors played like3 buttafingadors last week. If a couple of those passes were caught they would have won.  The Immortals are a shell of a team right now. Joey Baggs has to work overtime getting enough subs week just to field a team. We always knew this but it was verified last week to our crew. The Immortals QB Jordan Vaccaro has one of the slowest deliveries in the league. Joey Baggs throws a triple move on someone and    the    ball   is    just   leaving   Vaccaros  hand  … maybe. Get the ball out faster.

Conquistadors by 6

Honey Badgers vs Matty & The Icicles +10

Matty and the Icicles hung on to beat The Conquistadors, The Bobby Badgers got embarrassed and lost to Injured reserve. For Bobby to get out-dueled by Jlaw and Injured reserve is shocking. Bobby was so flustered he didn’t even bother screaming at the refs for something (clearly not his policy). The secret of MaTI winning is possibly the defense being played by Joe K and Gordon. They usually line up on the left side and QB’s are nuts to throw to their side The “Region of Doom”, they are. Bobby of course a triple threat. He can get the ball out amazingly quick, scramble if need be, and go deep if need be. The RoD need to play flawlessly if they hope to win.

Honey Badgers by 10

Group 2

The Boys are back vs Pali Elites +12

Both teams lost last week. TBaB took it on the chin from All we do id Quinn – Pali Elites got conked on the noogin’by the Falconies. TBaB stunk last week. Countless dropped passes. Usually we are quick to jump on Erik “The M/ile Peter Man” Moon who likes to spread joy to everyone (throws a lot of pics) but not this time. Our boy was on target but his receivers shit the bed, spit the bit, and wore the pigskin repellant gloves.

      For their part the Pali Elites are not doing themselves or the league any favors. They are not ambassadors to the hip hop nation. Our boys don’t have a qb or a wealth of talent. When they play Kanyseez it could be the worst game in Indoor history.

The Boys are back by 10

Stunts vs Falconies +10

Both teams won last week. The stunts demolished Kanzees by 54. The Falconies had a practice against Pali Elites by 18. The stunts all girl team is flying high. They are embarrassing people. The girls know the game and tend not to make mistakes.

The Falconies are a huge surprise. They are using the Atomic Butt Boys ( Dave Baker and EKleck) but really don’t need them, QB Joe gets a little better every week, and they have girls who can play. We see them as being one of the top 4 teams and will play into the dance.

Stunts by 2

Balls and Dolls +10 Kanyeez +22

Both teams got pissed on by HK-8 and The stunts respectively. Balls and dolls have a very capable QB in Ricky Burton and a possible conference MVP candidate in Rachel Parker. They are 0-2 mainly because of a thin roster – our boy Ricky reports that his reinforcements arrive this week.

The name Vontae Davis will forever be linked to the guy who went into the locker rooms and retired from the Bills at Half-time. If the kanseez could ever find the locker room league officials would shudder.

Boys and Dolls by 10

All we do is Quinn vs. HK-8  +8  -  is postponed until January 19th

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M/ile sports Code of conduct

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There is zero cussing at the ref –

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