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Tournament rules:

Games start at 5:00

team players must report no later than 4:45

Each player and fans are asked to make a $1 donation but will receive a

 50/50 ticket

No outside food or drinks are allowed.

the concession stands will be open

we play our regular league rules except:

no bunting by anyone – players must take a full swing

each game is 6 inning or 40 minutes. No inning can stat after 35


Teams must bat guy girl guy girl.- 2 guys cannot bat(kick) in a row

your team can bat (kick) 14 players

the other players must sub in

winning teams must report their score Immediately

All 8 teams will receive a trophy

Winning team will receive a super trophy and champagne toast

please remember the headshot rule.

IF a Ump feels a player hit another player in the head on purpose they

 will stop play and award a base.

All players are subject to the Milesports code of conduct.

M/ile sports Code of conduct

We adhere to a strict No argument Rule:

You have your say after the play – You stop before the next play.

There is zero cussing at the ref –

There is no cussing about the ref even it is explaining about the

 ref to other players within earshot of the ref.

There is NO approaching the ref after the game to continue the


There is ZERO swearing to other players.

If you feel the ref/ump does NOT know or follow the rules you are

 encouraged to seek out myself our Phyllis. We will speak to the